BREVITY is one of the top international institutes which has ISO 9001 : 2008 certification from DAC (Dubai Accreditation Center), which in turn is fully accredited by IAF (International Accreditation Forum). IAF is the world association of Conformity Assessment Accreditation Bodies. The certification reflects our strong commitment to excellence in providing quality education through open and distance learning mode for the purpose of professional growth and skill development.

We at BREVITY are committed to making the institute a centre of excellence and it is an enthusiastic attempt by BREVITY to expose the best of International management & technology principles, practices and managerial function to the students. We want our students to excel in management & technology learning and carry out research, consultancy and training that fulfill the needs and expectation of students, parents, business and society at large. We aim to do this with high degree of social sensitivity through innovation. 

As part of our focus on making higher education highly accessible, BREVITY does not require students to take college entrance exams or submit essays, instead, the Institute requires that students are employed or have access to an organizational environment that allows them to apply the concepts learned in our courses. 

BREVITY offers an innovative approach to higher education. Focused on meeting the needs of working students, we believe it is important to provide educational opportunities that are not only convenient and accessible but also up-to-date and applicable to the real world. This philosophy is reflected in many areas throughout BREVITY. Working to remove the barriers to education, we offer flexible time management that allows students to enroll at any time, as well as convenient learning that enable students to learn at home. Together, these elements help expand educational opportunities for students who previously may have been excluded due to personal, geographic or employment circumstances.

In addition to convenience, a fundamental part of our educational approach is flexibility.

Understanding that working students want to earn their degrees efficiently, we offer flexible time management instead of operating on a semester or quarter schedule. This allows students to enroll at BREVITY year-round rather than waiting for the next semester or quarter. 

Another benefit of flexible time management is that learning is not interrupted for long breaks during the year. Students can complete their degree/ diplomas without having to put their jobs and other commitments on hold.

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