1. Differently Abled students including those Visually Challenged resident in Karnataka are exempt from payment of Tuition Fees, on production of a Disability Certificate issued by the Dept. for the Empowerment of Differently Abled and Senior Citizens. However, they are required to pay the other prescribed fees such as admission fee, registration fee, eligibility fee, special fee, postage, PCP fee etc
  2. 50% Flat Fee concession is available to
    1. All Regular College (On-Campus) students pursuing studies anywhere in India when they enroll concurrently in any additional Certificate / Diploma / PG Diploma Program.
    2. All BREVITY students pursuing any Bachelor or Master Program when they enroll in any additional Certificate / Diploma / PG Diploma Program concurrently.
    3. Polytechnic students can join in any of the eligible Diploma / Certificate Programme concurrently.
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